CMMS service ticket management for a diverse and spread out user community

May 12 2016

Axxerion provides processes for managing the above challenges as explained below.
1- Submitting service tickets through standard emails – Axxerion can integrate with the company’s standard email system for creating service tickets.  For example, the users can send a standard email to company mailbox such as: (where is your company’s domain)
Axxerion monitors this mailbox and as soon as an email is received, it generates a service ticket and notifies the appropriate people to handle it.  The subject of the email becomes the subject of the service ticket and the body of the email is extracted and included as the body of the service ticket.
2- Automatic creation of user accounts – As Axxerion processes the incoming emails, it checks the email address of the sender and if there are no user accounts, it would automatically create one for the user and issues the username and password.  Axxerion can dynamically check with a company HR database to validate the employee before creating such an account.
3- Service ticket updates – Axxerion keeps the user posted on the receipt and progress of the ticket by email.  Each mail provides the status and also a hyperlink to go their account to examine the details. 
4- Direct submission of service tickets in Axxerion – Parallel to the above, the users can always use Axxerion to login directly to submit new service tickets or review the status of the existing ones.  Axxerion has tools (such as single sign-on Active Directory link ) to make this as easy as possible.
Economical licensing model – Using the above methodology, Axxerion can charge on a per service ticket basis which would make the licensing very economical compared to the traditional per user license.

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, Ph.D. is the president of Axxerion USA. Axxerion's CMMS module  addresses corrective, preventive and predicative maintenance as well as asset management.  Please send your feedback, thoughts and comments to

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