IWMS/CMMS/EAM Integration

Integrated Asset, Maintenance and Property Management

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Companies need to manage their properties and keep track of their assets for depreciation and maintenance.  This is traditionally done in a disjointed manner requiring several steps to transfer the data from one system to another.  This process is time consuming and error prone.  It also promotes “islands of automation” as they would need to develop and maintain expertise in different programs. A comprehensive IWMS needs to address asset management and depreciation, maintenance and capital improvement and property management and financials in a uniform and integrated manner. Asset Management (EAM) Hard assets and capital improvements have been traditionally depreciated in…

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Accounts Payable process

Accounts Payable Management for Properties, Maintenance and Contracts

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As property and maintenance managers, you would need to have a good handle on your vendors and suppliers and to make sure their invoices are properly processed and paid timely.  Traditionally companies have disjointed systems and groups for handling the accounts payable. This results in errors and extra manpower for managing the incoming invoices including getting the necessary backgrounds and approvals. A comprehensive IWMS, property and maintenance management system needs to include strong financials and effective processes and screens for managing the accounts payables functions. In such a case, the management of AP invoices is more efficient and with less…

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handshake while handing over keys after signing contract

How to manage your keys, security and access using an IWMS?

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An Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) (or Computer Aided Facilities Management –  CAFM system) is expected to manage keys and access for employees and visitors including contractors. Setting up the locks, cylinders and keys The system needs to track the locks, cylinders and keys as types of assets. For each type, all the related attributes need to be collected as database fields and stored with the item. Attaching Locks to Areas and Assets Once you define a lock, you need to be able to assign it to an area, an asset or a vehicle. The assignment should be easy, and…

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Electrician fixing ac unit

The best methods to use GPS with your CMMS

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With the availability of GPS (Global Positioning System), companies can now have better information and therefore control on where their resources are and review the history of activities together with their associated GPS. One method of setting up GPS integration, as implemented in Axxerion, is to record a GPS coordinate with any action taken by a technician.  For example, when a technician clicks start work on the CMMS work order, the system records the action as well as the GPS of person’s position at the time. Another approach, as also implemented in Axxerion, is to assign bar code or QR…

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