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How to manage your keys, security and access using an IWMS?

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An Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) (or Computer Aided Facilities Management –  CAFM system) is expected to manage keys and access for employees and visitors including contractors. Setting up the locks, cylinders and keys The system needs to track the locks, cylinders and keys as types of assets. For each type, all the related attributes need to be collected as database fields and stored with the item. Attaching Locks to Areas and Assets Once you define a lock, you need to be able to assign it to an area, an asset or a vehicle. The assignment should be easy, and…

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Computerized Property Management for Owners and Operators

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As a property owner and operator, you want to have a good handle on critical areas such as: Profit and loss for each property and the whole portfolio Occupancy and leases Proper reporting to your investors as applicable A lot of property managers deploy different point solutions to computerize the different aspect of their operations with a number of different programs. This includes stand-alone space management, lease management, financials and accounting as well as project management.  There are also a lot of Excel files floating around for different purposes. While this approach helps in each of the automated area, these islands…

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A property manager & space planner’s guide for setting up and using online floor plans

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As a property manager/space planner you have perhaps experienced the need and importance of online floor plans for your day-to-day work. This capability has been available in some Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS). However, there are issues with the traditional process of publishing drawings online in such systems. Overall, three groups of users would benefit from accessing the floor plans online. For property managers/space planners For employees For facility managers and service providers Every building starts with a set of drawings which are approved for construction by the planning organizations. When a construction is completed the final drawings are provides…

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Facilities Management Acronyms

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People and organizations dealing with different aspects of the Facilities Management functions and developers of Facilities Management software and systems need to deal with many acronyms. Axxerion as integrated software for facilities management in multiple markets, has to deal with the facilities management acronyms in different languages. Below is a partial list of facilities management acronyms in the US market. Please give me your feedback and let me know of those that I might have left out. MMS (Maintenance Management System) CMMS (Computerized maintenance management system) MRO (Maintenance, Repairs & Operations) CLM (contract lifecycle management) PM (Project Manager) PM (also…

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