Whether you are managing an elementary school or a university, your facility has to withstand hundreds of people, or more, every day. Regardless of the size of the premises, there are several areas that the maintenance manager in a modern school would be concerned about. From the classrooms and restrooms to the grounds, recreational areas, and offices, staying ahead of daily maintenance tasks can quickly become a challenge.

But, despite the busy pace at schools, prioritizing the comfort and safety of every student, staff, or visitor is a key concern for school administrators. Happy, comfortable students are more likely to do well academically and a computerized maintenance management software (CMMS), specially designed for this kind of fast-paced environment will help your school to create an enabling environment for scholarly excellence.

What can Axxerion CMMS do for your school?

There are several ways our CMMS solution can help you run your school better.

Efficient Work Order Management

With so much activity every day, it’s vital that you can quickly organize and prioritize work orders. With a few clicks, our software allows you, and other authorized team members, to generate, schedule, assign, track, and close work orders in real-time from a centralized system.

Safety Compliance and Monitoring 

Safety incidents are best avoided and more than ever, school administrators these days can relate with the challenges of keeping their campuses safe.

The software makes it easy to view safety records and history, and retrieve inspection reports. With several safety checklist templates, inspecting every area of the compound including the classrooms, hostels, departmental offices, cafeterias, and fitness centers can be done quickly without missing vital steps. The information stored in the CMMS is also valuable during safety audits whether internal or external.

Mobile Asset Management

Your technicians will likely move around the premises all day attending to different work requests. Axxerion CMMS mobile features boosts the team’s productivity by allowing everyone to access maintenance information on-the-go and move to the next assignment without having to report back to the office every time. There is also less paperwork and quicker communication between maintenance staff.

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

Without consistent attention, your school’s structure and systems will begin to deteriorate and fail. Choose whatever maintenance program you want whether corrective, preventive, condition-based, or predictive maintenance and use the CMMS to automate the planning and scheduling process. This will save you weeks compared to trying to manage the process manually. The result will be less breakdowns, safer structures, and reduced reactive repairs.

Key Management

Our key management module controls physical access to spaces, properties, and inventory. This is necessary because you’ll usually have people moving all over the place at any given time. It can be configured to allow access privileges for each group of users.

Regulatory Compliance 

Every school in the US is subject to strict regulations. Some categories of schools may even lose support and funding if they fail to meet regulatory standards. Another thing is that regulatory inspections may be impromptu, so readiness is key.

As long as the correct data is being entered regularly, the CMMS will organize all the required information and reports needed for such inspections. This is evidence of your school’s compliance and it could save you heavy penalties.

Spare Parts and Inventory

Eliminate many of the headaches that are associated with inventory management using the  inventory management module to manage stock in various warehouses. Easily establish stock reorder levels and receive alerts from the system well in advance to prevent stock-out or excessive inventory levels.

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Axxerion’s feature-rich and easily customizable software offers you the opportunity to automate maintenance management in schools of all sizes. The overall result is a learning environment that is ideal for students of all ages. Our team is on standby to assist you with your needs.

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