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Managing Consultant Contracts – How to get a handle on it!

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Many companies use consultants for a variety of projects and tasks.  Consultants may be teams from the larger consulting companies all the way to individuals working as single-person consultants. The consulting work may be done on the premises or off site at the consultants offices or a combination of the two approaches.  While consultants play vital roles for many companies, traditionally they do pose their own set of unique issues and challenges for the finance, legal and human resources departments as explained below.  Taking advantage of some of the new contract lifecycle management technologies would help alleviate many of these…

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CMMS Flexibility in Service Requests Management

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Many companies still operate without a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and rely on emails for handling the service requests. When such a company  deploys a CMMS, it is usually a big change for the users who need to abandon their email-based service requests and learn how to log on to a new system for submitting their service requests. Axxerion has an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS/CAFM) with extensive Maintenance Management capabilities. One area that I would like to highlight is the flexibility in handling service requests by accommodating different user approaches in submitting service requests and helping them start…

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Facilities Management Acronyms

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People and organizations working within different aspects of the Facilities Management industry, as well as developers of Facilities Management software,  need to deal with many acronyms on a daily basis. As an integrated software for facilities management in multiple markets, the Axxerion team has dealt with its fair share of these acronyms. If you’re looking for a quick brush-up on your maintenance management lingo, below is a list of facilities management acronyms in the US market: MMS (Maintenance Management System) CMMS (Computerized maintenance management system) MRO (Maintenance, Repairs & Operations) CLM (contract lifecycle management) PM (Project Manager) PM (also Preventive…

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Time Tracking and Payroll based on Prevailing Wages and/or Productivity with Project Management Software

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Companies in the construction, manufacturing and research and development manage their projects using different tools and project management software with the goal of handling the multi-faceted nature of a typical project. A key element of a good project management software system is the management of the tasks, timelines and time reporting (timesheets). Time reporting is important for invoicing the clients appropriately, getting the project employees paid as well as ensuring compliance with the prevailing wage laws. Prevailing Wages based Time Tracking This is the most commonly used time tracking method. The tasks and milestones are defined and setup in a…

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