Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Axxerion provides powerful tools for creating, negotiating, managing, authoring, storage, and safe-keeping of any type of contracts such as employment contracts, IP, leases, purchasing, sales, etc. Many corporations, government agencies, educational institutions and health care organizations use Axxerion contract management to reduce their costs, improve their controls and increase their efficiency and compliance in managing their contracts. Axxerion contract management solution is easy to use and manages the entire lifecycle of the contracts. It is completely web-based (SaaS or ASP) and can be securely accessed by your authorized personnel from any location and without requiring any special hardware and software. This allows you to start immediately and without any upfront investment in hardware and additional software. You can easily scale up or down with Axxerion based on your needs and only pay for what you actually use.

The solution addresses the complete contract lifecycle including the following areas:

Contract Request Management

  • Contract Requests

    - Online requests for any type of contracts. Use the information provided in requests to automatically fill out the terms in a contract.
  • Request Lifecycle Management

    - Manage the entire lifecycle of the requests including approval chain, reviews and notifications. Route the request to the appropriate people using the built-in workflow system.

Central Contract and Document Repository

  • Powerful Contract Repository

    - Store, track and maintain all contracts online. Easily search and find contracts and their history.
  • Document Storage & Archiving

    - Store as many scanned documents, Office type of documents or any other document types in the system as you need to. Electronically archive documents and contracts as needed.
  • Document Revisions

    - Manage document and contract revisions. Create "track changes" document with highlighted changes automatically with one click between any two versions.
  • Document Markups, Search & Tracking

    - Documents can be marked up on line and tied to other objects or notes. The system can easily search for a document and also track its review and approvals.

Flexible Contract Management

  • Contract types

    (such as lease, IP, purchasing, etc.) - Define as many contract types as you wish. Each contract type can track its own related profile including terms, clauses, payments and other information. Click on Axxerion Lease Management solution for more information specifically on lease management.
  • Contract Terms

    - Carry and manage all contract terms on a single screen. Easily add or remove required terms based on a contract type.Easily view and print contract abstracts.
  • Standard Clause Library

    - Maintain a library of standard clauses and incorporate into contracts as needed.
  • Contract Clauses Recording & Tracking

    - Break up a contract into relevant, standard clauses such as termination, renewal, etc.
  • Contract Generation

    - Just upload a contract template in Word and then generate all your contracts with their specific terms and clauses using that template. Create as many template contracts as needed. The system automatically inserts the relevant data in the right places within the template and creates a finished document with your formatting.</li>

Contract Negotiations

Set negotiation goals, track all negotiated changes

  • Contract Negotiations

    - Keep track of your negotiations, modified clauses, different versions and drafts of contracts. Easily compare different drafts and see the changes. Easily find all contracts with certain clauses and/or conditions.
  • Find Non-Standard Clauses

    - Easily find any contract with a non-standard negotiated clause.

Manage Dates, Renewals & Amendments

Never miss a deadline, stay on top of the commitments

  • Critical Dates & Automated Reminders

    - Set up as many critical date reminders as needed.
  • Contract Renewals & Amendments

    - Nest and relate contracts and the related renewals and amendments. Automatically process renewals, extensions and amendments.
  • Automatic Amount Escalation

    - The system can automatically calculate escalation of amounts based on any of the popular indexes or negotiated percentages. You can specify any desired periods for such escalations.
  • Axxerion Mobile

    - Receive all your alerts and access your data using your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Google Android devices.

Reports & Dashboards

  • Powerful Reporting

    - You can use any of many standard reports or create your own custom report. Include charts, graphs, totals and many different formulas.
  • Scheduled Reports

    - Schedule reports to be issued and distributed automatically.
  • Digital Dashboards

    - You can keep track of your "key performance indicators" and instantly access them in easy to view and understand graphics using the system's digital dashboards.

Contract workflow, Approval Chain and Notifications

  • Automated Contract Approvals

    - Using the built-in Workflow system, specify what the approval and review process is required and the system performs it for every single contact. Complete record of the reviews and approvals are kept. Approvers are notified of pending contract items. Requesters are notified of progress of their contracts.
  • Parallel & Sequential Approvals & Reviews

    - Easily setup any type of approval such as parallel and sequential approvals for any of the contract types. Approvers are notified of pending contract approval items. Requesters are notified of progress of their contracts and related requests.

Role-Based Security and Access

  • Define Roles & Assign Access Rights

    - Easily define roles and their associate access right. Manage access and security by simply assigning people to an appropriate role.
  • Completely Web-Based

    - Access the system securely on the Internet from anywhere using any of the standard browsers on any of the PC, Mac, Linux, Sun and IBM platforms.

Contract Financials

Automate your invoicing and accounts payable

  • Contract Itemization

    - Contract amounts can be itemized into as many line items as needed. Each line item can represent a product, service or payment of any sort.
  • Contract Financials

    - Generate RFQs, Quotations, POs,  invoices or chargebacks as required for a contract. Automatically route the financial documents for approval and/or notifications as needed. Generate, send/email invoices for groups of contracts automatically based on a schedule.
  • Loan & Lease Calculations

    - In loan and lease transaction, automatically calculate payments, balances based on the interest rate and down payment.
  • Encumbering Contracts

    - Allow and track encumbrances for contracts.
  • Contract Compliance

    - Track, measure and report on contract compliance.
  • Integration with Accounting Systems

    - Axxerion integrates with Accounting systems for synchronization of financial data.

Sales Contracts

  • Sales Side Visibility

    - Create visibility of all your sales side contract activities such as total amounts, client performance, etc.
  • Product discount management

    - Easily keep track of different product discounting plans based on the level of commitments, volume of purchase, customer designations and other factors.
  • Contract compliance

    - Track, measure and report on contract compliance.

Procurement Contracts

  • Procurement & Purchase Side Visibility

    - Create and measure all you purchase side contract activities.
  • Supplier Management

    - Keep track of your suppliers and your business with them. Keep track of their performance. Negotiate better terms, ensure compliance.

Real Estate Contracts

  • Lease & Contract Transactions

    - Manage leases with their complete transaction history and information.
  • Maintenance & Services Contracts

    - Generate and manage maintenance contracts for real estate related services. Allow service providers directly report into the system. Allow invoicing against the contracts. Allow and manage work orders against a contract.

Project-based Contracts

  • Project Contracts

    - Issue contracts for project members or combine contracts into projects. Manage the contracts in the context of the project.
  • Change Orders

    - Manage contracts and project budget using the change order process.

To view and download the Contract Management brochure, click on its button below. For a demo, click the demo button below.

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Axxerion Foundation

As your organization evolves, Axxerion evolves with you

Easy to Use and Highly Configurable:

Work with your own terminology, easily remove unwanted fields or steps or add new ones when needed. Define your own business processes.

Comprehensive Security:

Role based logins to accommodate different types of users and contractors and their access rights.

Global search capability:

Easily and instantly search and find any facility information in the database.

Automatic Review and Approvals:

Easily and graphically define workflow and approval processes for any item in the system.

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