Facilities and Maintenance Management (CMMS)

Axxerion Facilities and Maintenance Management (CMMS) solution is a completely web-based software environment for corrective, preventive, predictive and planned maintenance. It is integrated with Axxerion Properties, Assets and Inventory solutions.

It addresses the following areas:

Service Requests

  • Self-Service Requests

    - Employees and authorized personnel can submit requests for maintenance, services, personnel, etc. You can easily design the request and its approval and routing process.
  • Service Desk

    - Manage help desk functions parallel to the self service maintenance requests. Setup different problem types and automatic routing to the correct maintenance personnel.
  • Smart Dispatch

    - From simple description of the problem, the system finds who it would need to dispatch it to.
  • Reports & Dashboard

    - Instantly find out how many requests over a period of time, how many outstanding, how many overdue and many other Key Performance Indicators.
  • Public Portal

    - As needed, deploy Axxerion's public portal for easy access by your facility users (like tenants, facility users, students, patents, etc.) to submit their requests online.

Axxerion Maintenance management system provides dashboards with instant views of key performance indicators for service requests, work orders and other maintenance related issues.

Work Orders  (Corrective and Preventive Work orders)

  • Work Orders

    - Create corrective and preventive work orders and track labor, parts and execution of work orders. Charge back or invoice as needed.
  • Scheduled (Preventive) Maintenance

    - Setup regularly scheduled maintenance for assets, equipment and properties. Automatically generate and schedule maintenance work orders.
  • Maintenance Procedures

    - Create maintenance procedures for different types of assets and equipment.
  • Planned or Deferred Maintenance

    - Manage various short term and long term recurring maintenance plans.
  • Mobile Device Support

    - Axxerion supports the leading mobile platforms. Work orders, tasks and requests can be accessed and managed on iPhones, Blackberries and Google Android phones.

Inspections & Surveys

  • Inspections

    - Easily setup various inspections with checklists and meter readings.
    - Schedule inspections and perform on mobile devices.
    - Automatically follow up with workorders to fix any issues.
  • Send Satisfaction Surveys

    - If interested, automatically send out surveys at the completion of a work order for feedback. Tabulate and report survey results.
  • Setup and Manage Surveys

    - Easily put together and keep a library of different survey forms and results of previously run surveys.

Maintenance Labor Management

  • Planboard for Instant View of Operations

    - With one click see the entire operation with assignments on a calendar. See the important company dates. Drag and drop and move around assignments with your mouse.
  • Maintenance Employee Management

    - Review the work load for each employee and set up the work assignment accordingly. Create assignment calendar and schedules.
  • Expertise Database

    - Easily setup categories of expertise for maintenance resources. Use these categories to easily find and assign requests and work orders.
  • Outsource Management

    - Manage outsourced maintenance through contracts. Maintain history of service for service providers.

Reports & Dashboards

  • Powerful Reporting

    - You can use any of many standard reports or create your own custom report. Include charts, graphs, totals and many different formulas.
  • Scheduled Reports

    - Schedule reports to be issued and distributed automatically.
  • Digital Dashboards

    - You can keep track of your "key performance indicators" and instantly access them in easy to view and understand graphics using the system's digital dashboards.

Parts and Inventory

  • Parts Inventory

    - Maintain parts inventory with min and max levels. Automatic purchasing of parts when the numbers below the minimum level.
  • Manage Parts Storage

    - Manage parts storage or warehouse all the way to the location and quantity of items in the storage.
  • Tools & Vehicles Inventory

    - Check in/check out for tools and vehicles

Centralized Database for Documents and Work Orders

  • Documents management

    - Attach documents to any items. Reference library of equipment manuals and procedures.
  • Powerful search

    - Easily find any document, work order or request.

Properties & Spaces

  • Properties

    - tracking properties and spaces in different types of buildings.

Assets & Preventive Maintenance

  • Assets

    - Work orders can refer to assets as applicable. Complete history of asset maintenance is maintained.

Integration with Projects

  • Projects

    - Setup and manage projects with multiple work orders.


  • Maintenance Costs

    - Carry costs for labor and materials. Can charge back the costs or invoice them.
  • Maintenance and Property Budget

    - Setup budget and funding for maintenance activities. Post against the budget or create chargebacks.
  • Maintenance Invoicing

    - Generate invoice for work performed and parts used.
  • Maintenance Contracts

    - Manage maintenance contracts. Tie corrective or preventive work orders to one or more contracts.
  • Integration with Accounting

    - You can easily integrate Axxerion with your accounting system using our built-in tools.

CMMS for Critical Facilities

Are your facilities critical enough to make sure all equipment are checked and are running properly? Many companies have mission critical properties for which there should be very minimal or no down-time. This is a tough task but doable with the right tools and approach. A system like Axxerion would provide the indication of any potential problems before they happen.

Axxerion ensures that mission critical facilities run smoothly and consistently:

  • Regularly scheduled inspections:

    Axxerion schedules inspections for various elements of the property and equipment.
    • -Security and access
    • -Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
    • -Electrical equipment and panels
    • -Fire protection system
    • -Specialized equipment such as UPS’, DC Plants and others
    • -Generators
    • -General maintenance review
    • -Grounds perimeter
    • -Others
  • Sensing the upcoming failures:

    - Axxerion can analyze the equipment readings such as temperature, pressure and others to determine the possibility of a potential failure.
  • Flexible work assignment:

    –Axxerion can assign the inspection and repair work orders to local vendors or in-house maintenance personnel.
  • Up-to-date financial reports:

    –Axxerion provides up to the minute cost and effort feedback on the upkeep and maintenance of facilities. It can also provide you the budgeting tools for the future maintenance activities.
  • Stay on top of facility status:

    Axxerion generates timely reports and dashboards to take care of any reported deficiencies and issues.

In addition, if there are unexpected problems once in a while, Axxerion can manage the emergency and on demand service requests.

To view and download the Facilities and Maintenance Management brochure, click on its button below.

Axxerion Maintenance Management Software Brochure Online Demo of Axxerion Maintenance Management Software

Axxerion Foundation

As your organization evolves, Axxerion evolves with you

Easy to Use and Highly Configurable:

Work with your own terminology, easily remove unwanted fields or steps or add new ones when needed. Define your own business processes.

Comprehensive Security:

Role based logins to accommodate different types of users and contractors and their access rights.

Global search capability:

Easily and instantly search and find any facility information in the database.

Automatic Review and Approvals:

Easily and graphically define workflow and approval processes for any item in the system.

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