Cad, AutoCAD, DWG, DWF, SVG & BIM integration

If you have existing drawings (CAD schematics) of a building for example AutoCAD drawings, you can use them to automatically create spaces and sections in Axxerion. Facility planners, people responsible for Moves/Adds/Changes (MAC or MACS) need to have good access to the drawings. This capability is a part of Axxerion property and space management and helps in saving time and preventing errors. All you need to do is to include hyperlinks within your as-built CAD drawings to indicate rooms and areas.  You can setup the hyperlinks for spaces as well as individuals and inventory items within Axxerion. Once the hyperlinks are setup, you can display the drawing in Axxerion and be able to click a linked item and display its database information. You can easily setup graphical queries and use color palettes display a variety of information such as departments, use of space, occupancy rate, etc.

Example off DWG Hyperlinks:


Example of an automatically created calculation of objects and surface:


Example of a floor plan:


Key features:

DWG is the AutoCAD's default format.  Architects, designers and AutoCAD users can generate the web-ready version of the drawing which is called DWF. DWF can be saved in ASCII or binary formats. Axxerion can read the ASCII DWF format and process it as explained above.

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is a global standard for displaying graphics.  It is supported by a number of companies such as Google.  Google has a free editor for SVG called Inkscape.  Axxerion support SVG and also helps you convert your DWG files to SVG.  Axxerion can display the SVG drawings on any browser without loading any add-ins.  Axxerion can also display the SVG drawings in its mobile apps.

BIM models are becoming more and more common in construction projects.  Owners are provided BIM models which may include a lot of information about their buildings and assets.  Axxerion can store the BIM models and also extract the asset information and import it into the system.

  • Reviewing schematics

    DWG and DWF files can be attached to spaces and floors; DWG files will be converted to PDF format automatically. You will be able to review floor plans directly from within a space in Axxerion.
  • Automatic generation of spaces

    Using a DWG schematic allows you to automatically generate spaces in Axxerion. You need only attach a hyperlink to the polyline of the space. Sections of spaces are attached automatically.
  • Calculating surfaces

    The floor area of a space is calculated using the schematic. If a certain polyline should contain a second polyline with the same reference, then both the total floor area and the lettable floor space will be calculated.
  • Updating spatial info

    DWG schematics can be reimported after you have made changes to them. The floor areas are then recalculated, with spaces being generated or removed, depending on the geometry.
  • Floor plans

    Interactive floor plans can be created without involving the use of CAD software – CAD schematics can be assigned colors based on use, occupancy rate or other user defined criteria.
  • Gross floor area, net floor area, leasable floor space

    If you have existing CAD schematics, you can use them to automatically create spaces and sections in Axxerion, also displaying information such as gross floor area, net floor area, or lettable floor space.
  • Hyperlinks to objects

    Objects in Axxerion can be accessed directly via hyperlinks within schematics. This function can be used to review data information about the supplier or about the number of work orders still open.
  • NEN-2580

    Rent calculations can be made according to the NEN-2580 code, e.g. for general spaces, traffic areas, etc.

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