Our reservations module allows you to reserve spaces, equipment, lunches and special services easily and quickly. One or more criteria can be listed when carrying out a search, for example for a meeting room for a minimum of 10 persons. The module can be adapted to any group of users by configuring the access privileges to fields and functionalities.

Example of Reservations screen:

Reservations Screen

Key features:

  • Submit online

    Employees will be able to reserve spaces, cars, parking spaces, equipment and catering services on the web or via the intranet network. The calendar will instantly show availability and costs. You can also save documents to a reservation, e.g. a schematic of an alternate layout to a room.
  • Portal integration

    Portal integration allows for anonymous users to make reservations. This allows municipal authorities or health care organizations, for example, to let civilians book a community centre or a sports centre.
  • Availability

    Because all Axxerion modules are linked to one another, you’ll be able to see the availability of equipment via our inventory module, or see available parking spaces or rooms via the property management module. You will be able to book items that are available during that specific period. In addition, you may make selections based on individual factors such as location, floor area, attributes, and other requirements.
  • Reminder

    A few days before the reservation date you can have an automatically generated reminder sent to the applicant. The applicant will the receive all the information regarding the reservation again and will have the opportunity to cancel it.
  • External parties

    You can create automatics tasks for external parties involved in the reservation. For example, by selecting which items need to be ordered from the catalog and by printing order lists. Costs and times can then be specified, which can be included in the costs of the reservation, which costs may then be passed on.
  • Invoicing

    The totals costs of the reservation, including deposit and any damages, will be calculated and allocated to a specific area in the budget. You will be able to create an invoice or export the costs to a financial system.
  • Dashboard

    You will be able to monitor reservations for a certain day, week or month from a planning dashboard. From the dashboard you will be able to instantly make reservations for one or more spaces.
  • Reports

    You will be able to review overviews of reservations. These overviews can be generated per space, piece of equipment, department, individual, etc., helping you plan future reservation requirements as well as to calculate costs.

To find out more about the extensive options available, please contact us.

Axxerion Foundation

As your organization evolves, Axxerion evolves with you

Easy to Use and Highly Configurable:

Work with your own terminology, easily remove unwanted fields or steps or add new ones when needed. Define your own business processes.

Comprehensive Security:

Role based logins to accommodate different types of users and contractors and their access rights.

Global search capability:

Easily and instantly search and find any facility information in the database.

Automatic Review and Approvals:

Easily and graphically define workflow and approval processes for any item in the system.

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