Project Management (PPM)

Axxerion's project management software can be deployed to large and small construction projects. Manage projects from field or office

In the field or on the go with Axxerion Mobile

Axxerion mobile app keeps you connected with your projects at all times. Whether receiving an approval request for a purchase, a work in progress report for a project, filing a timesheet, sending pictures from the field, or issuing an invoice, you can count on Axxerion mobile app to provide you an easy-to-use, always-on access to all aspects of your project at all times.

Axxerion Projects is a powerful and easy to use, web and mobile based project management solution (Project Portfolio Management - PPM) to speed up projects, improve collaboration and establish better controls. It is completely secure and can be used to manage a variety of project types such as construction, general business, hi-tech and biotech and others.

Axxerion project management software provides role-based access to the projects where you can control access to the projects and their information. The system has a workflow management tool for the control of projects and automatic generation of email notifications based on critical dates and milestones.

Axxerion Projects manages the in-house as well as onsite tasks. The project schedule is a breeze to setup and manage. Axxerion manages the complete project finances including purchasing, AR and AP. Axxerion generates many informative reports and dashboards instantly to keep you abreast of the projects and their progress.

Projects Overview

Instant access to key information

  • Project Dashboard

    - See up to the second data on progress and financials.
  • Project Search

    - Easily find old or new projects which meet any search criteria you provide.
  • Project Templates

    - Setup templates for different project types. Create a new project of that type with all defaults in place.

Project Teams & Members

Define and track the project and its members.

  • Datasheet

    - Organize and manage the project parameters
  • Project Teams

    - Bring in team members such as consultants, suppliers and sub-contractors on a project and give them access as needed.


  • Time Sheets

    - Automatically generate timesheets for any of the team members as required.
  • Timesheet tasks

    - Reflect the related task in each person's timesheet automatically. Allow team members to fill out time sheets and calculate costs automatically.
  • Approvals

    - Route timesheets for approvals by the responsible managers.  Automatically collect the approved timesheets on a regular basis and reflect in accounting and/or payroll.

Collaboration, RFI's and Submittals

Collaborate with project stakeholders, create, manage and store project documentation.

  • Documents

    - Complete document management system with check-in check-out, viewing and markups. Store documents, drawings, photos and videos in folders just like your PC. Easily drag and drop documents to upload. Get notified of new versions and all accesses and edits.
  • Collaboration

    - Allow the team members to collaborate on the Internet to solve problems, review drawings, etc.
  • RFI, RFQ, Meeting minutes

    - Issue and manage RFIs, RFQs, and meeting minutes online.
  • Submittals and transmittals

    - Easily handle and track all submittals and transmittals.
  • Issue tracking

    - Team members automatically receive workflow tasks for addressing open issues. You can exchange documents and participate in forums.

Reports & Dashboards

Generate detailed reports and dashboards. Send out scheduled reports automatically.

  • Reports

    - Use any of standard reports or generate your own. The reports include status, budget, job cost, tasks and schedules, invoicing and timesheets. Generate reports as needed or schedule them to go out automatically.
  • Dashboards

    - Setup dashboards for the instant view of projects in regards to schedules, finances, critical dates.


Built in workflow system for approvals, reviews and control

  • Workflow & Approvals

    - easily setup approval processes for different items such as invoices, POs, Contracts or budgets.

Integration with Other Existing Company Systems

Axxerion has tools and API for easily integrating with other systems such as estimating and accounting.  Axxerion has SAML, REST and SOAP API support.

Mobile Platform

You can use the popular mobile platforms such as iPhones, iPad (iOS) and Samsung (Google Android) devices with Axxerion projects.

Tasks, Schedule, Dates & Calendar

Define tasks and subtasks, generate calendar and Gantt charts

  • Project Schedule

    - Track important dates and milestones - view them Gantt charts or other formats.
  • Project Calendar

    - Establish a calendar for the project with all critical dates. Axxerion can generated reminder tasks and emails.
  • Tasks

    - Define tasks and subtasks, tie them to project budget. Allow timesheets against any task.

Project Finances

Manage finances and integrate with a backend accounting system or use Axxerion's built-in accounting software.

  • Contracts

    - Manage contracts, renewals, line items, invoicing, clauses, etc.  Issue contracts for all applicable project team members.
  • Budgets

    - Manage complete budgets with commitments, payments, percentages, etc. Instantly view the updated budget as transactions are completed.
  • Change orders

    - Manage change orders complete with P&O calculations and Sub Change orders. Setup owner change orders or internal change orders. Electronically submit change orders for approval.
  • Invoicing (AR)

    - Bill clients for work performed. Accept invoices from contractors and sub-contractors. Handle invoice approvals and submission to accounting. Post against the budget. Setup and manage retention.
  • Payments (AP)

    - Receive AP invoices online, email or scan them in.  Post to the appropriate account codes and projects. Manage aging. Setup payment batches for check-runs. Setup and manage retention.
  • Purchase Orders

    - Issue POs for labor, material and other purchasing.  Pay PO invoices based on the delivery of the goods and services.
  • Work in progress reports

    - Instantly see the WIP reports for any single project or any group of projects.
  • Bids

    - Create bid packages. Setup bid invitations for any suppliers and contractors. Receive bids electronically. Manage bids, review and grant contracts.
  • Accounting

    - Use a complete accounting package which is built in and totally integrated with all aspects of the project.  Define fiscal year, setup any desired chart of accounts. Manage banks and credit cards and their reconciliations. Checkbooks and ACH payments. Enter any General Transactions.  Generate formal accounting reports - P&L, Balance Sheet, Trial balance and many others.

Documents and Model Management

  • Collaborate

    with project stakeholders in creating, managing and storing project documents.
  • Documents

    - Complete document management system with check-in check-out, viewing and markups. Store documents, drawings, photos and videos in folders just like your PC. Easily drag and drop documents to upload. Get notified of new versions and all accesses and edits.
  • BIM data management

    - Store and access to model data

Click on the online demo for a customized demo based on your requirements and priorities. To view and download the Project Management brochure, click on the brochure button below.

Property Management Software Brochure Online Demo of Property Management Software


Project planning

  • Start and end date
  • Tasks & milestones
  • Gantt chart
  • Time estimates
  • Resource Management
  • Day or hours

Project team

  • Project phonebook
  • Team roles
  • Authorizations
  • Hourly rates
  • Hourly cost
  • Availability

Project communication

  • Meeting reports
  • RFI Emails
  • Forums
  • Documents
  • Progress reports
  • Calendar

Budgeting & purchasing

  • Revenue and expenses tracking
  • Cost types
  • Cost centers
  • Purchase orders issuing/item delivery
  • Invoices against budget items
  • Approvals and notifications

Document management

  • Version management
  • Drag and drop documents
  • PDF conversion of documents
  • Markup and viewing of documents
  • Full-text search of all documents
  • Notification on access/upload/download

Project invoicing

  • Timesheet invoicing
  • Fixed price invoicing
  • Automatic generation
  • Approval workflows
  • Posting to ledger
  • Email invoices

Workflows to apply to:

  • Requests
  • Workorders
  • Purchase orders
  • Change orders
  • Invoices
  • Contracts

Project time sheets

  • Automatic generation
  • Link with project tasks
  • Submit online
  • Approval workflow
  • Update progress
  • Invoicing & submission to payroll

Project reports

  • Word templates
  • Sorting and grouping
  • Graphs and charts
  • Digital dashboard
  • Email reports

Axxerion Foundation

As your organization evolves, Axxerion evolves with you

Easy to Use and Highly Configurable:

Work with your own terminology, easily remove unwanted fields or steps or add new ones when needed. Define your own business processes.

Comprehensive Security:

Role based logins to accommodate different types of users and contractors and their access rights.

Global search capability:

Easily and instantly search and find any facility information in the database.

Automatic Review and Approvals:

Easily and graphically define workflow and approval processes for any item in the system.

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